Jason Hopcus, CLC

The present narrative about mental health is often perpetuated through sad, scary, or traumatic events, which typically overlook individuals who are simply struggling with functional life issues.

Jason Hopcus’s personal mission is to advance human connection by embracing the conversation among fighters; the folks whose journeys from black to light give hope to those that deserve a 2nd or even a 3rd chance to be the ambassadors of conversation.


  • acts as a motivator and catalyst for powerful cultural change within both for-profit and non-profit organizations
  • believes connection to one’s self, one’s transparency, and one’s passion allows individuals to live a wholly authentic, full life
  • creates systems of support for people working to deepen their relationships to their work, their play, and ultimately our world

His company, Connection Project takes a fresh approach by focusing on those who have turned their personal struggle around to champion for a community-driven cause. Through raw focus on the individual, Jason nourishes honest conversation to birth a system of ‘next level’ social responsibility.

Drawing on personal experience, he fully acknowledges the amount of effort it takes, how necessary it is to share each other’s journeys and why, we as a society, need to move the needle towards unashamed conversation. Jason ignites cultural shift because everyone, directly or indirectly, is affected by mental health. He contributes the following ways:

  • Founder of Connection Project, a for-profit company
  • Host of Get Unstuck Radio show on Voice America
  • Host of Nobody’s Perfect Podcast