Mental Health Training – Hospital Outreach

NAMI Arapahoe and Douglas Counties Hospital Outreach Presentations

Who We Are

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the largest grassroots mental health organization in the nation.  It has over 1,100 affiliates in states and communities across the country, and offers support, education, and advocacy for persons affected by mental illness.

Arapahoe/Douglas Counties Hospital Outreach Program

Our local affiliate, NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas Counties, has initiated a hospital outreach Mental Health Training program with the intention of eliminating perceived gaps in the mental health care system.  One identified major gap is within the health care community itself.  To help fill this gap, within the last two years, we have made presentations about NAMI and its benefits to the health care communities within Arapahoe and Douglas counties.


Specifically, to date, we have already made presentations to emergency room staff and/or mental health emergency evaluator’s at all eight area general hospitals, including two with attached psychiatric hospitals.  We have also made a presentation to Highlands Behavioral Health, a free standing psychiatric hospital in Douglas County, as well as to the new adult psychiatric hospital at the Medical Center of Aurora North.

Outreach Beyond Denver Area Hospitals- Mental Health Outpatient Clinics

Now that we have nearly achieved our goal of NAMI presentation at all local hospitals, both general and psychiatric, we are reaching out further to make our presentations.  First, we plan to make presentations to local area mental health outpatient clinics.  We strongly believe that presentations to professional staff at these clinics will be invaluable in furthering the NAMI message of support and advocacy to families of and loved ones with a mental illness.

Colorado Medical School Presentations

Currently, we plan to also expand our presentations to the medical community in general.  Our goal in that regard is to make a presentation to include students at the University of Colorado Medical School and the new Rocky Mountain Vista Medical School.  Once that has been completed, we would like to make a presentation to the students at the University of Colorado School Of Nursing.

What to expect?

Generally, our presentation will take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes in duration, and will involve two or more NAMI presenters.  During our presentation, we will discuss and identify all the many classes, groups, and resources that NAMI has available to assist those affected by mental illness.  On a more personal level, we will further elucidate on why we believe NAMI provides so much intangible support to families of loved ones with a mental illness.  We will bring with us pamphlets and flyers about all the NAMI programs available and will distribute these at the presentations.

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