Getting more Connected in the New Year

Welcome to 2019!

The New Year is a time most of us set intentions. We put closure on the past and look forward to the future with a renewed hope and anticipation.


Maybe that’s my own idealistic view.
For many, optimism for the coming year doesn’t look any brighter than what’s come and gone. Mental Health and its effects can weigh us down, forging ahead in what feels like concrete boots.

But it doesn’t have too…

Those challenges can be compounded by those resolutions we set and don’t keep.

You know the ones…to lose weight, to exercise more, or to make more time for the things we love.

Somehow, they are always in focus, but just short of practical reality. Seems like a setup for failure.

Why do we make things harder than they should be?

Personally, I don’t love resolutions. They are a great way to set ourselves up for failure and none of us need more of that.
In my own journey of recovery, I have consistently aimed to make one goal for each new year, with full intention to stick with it. This year is no different.
Let me share my one goal with you…

To get more connected, to myself and others.

I’m sure you are wondering, what does that actually look like?
For me, it’s taking time out to slow down and listen, to really see others, to set healthy boundaries, to breathe deeply, to do more of what makes me feel good, and to find connection with those people and things that make me feel more alive.
I know this seems like a tall order, but I encourage you to follow along with me.
Start with  thing that you can do in your own life that makes you feel more connected.

Don’t overthink it.

Try something simple, like:

  • Find 3 things a day to be grateful for, write them down.
  • Commit to a meditation or quietness practice. There are some great mediaton videos on YouTube or apps like CALM.
  • Move more- take a walk, stretch, try a yoga video on YouTube, whatever feels good
  • Make healthier choices about what you put into your body. Skip that one sweet treat or yummy Starbucks drink.
  • Give back- Share your time with someone or something who can use your unique talent
  • Take time to rest and renew.
Of course, you can do more than one thing. The real key is commitment and consistency. Don’t try to take on more than you can easily sustain.
The end goal should be to feel good about the step(s) you are taking and want to do more of that.
As I enter my 7th year affiliated with NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas Counties, I am renewed by hope and gratitude. Each of you has impacted my life and my own journey.

Thank YOU!

In the coming year, NAMI ADCO has some amazing new ways to get connected. We will continue to offer our no-cost signature education, support, and outreach programs. Through thoughtful strategic planning and survey, we have discovered and believe we can do better at meeting each of you where you are. Soon, we will be launching exciting new programs and I cannot wait to share them with you.


Our collective road ahead is wholeheartedly focused on my one resolution…getting CONNECTED to ourselves and others, individually and as a community.
Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on how we can better connect with you and yours. I welcome your feedback.
Each of you has a place at our table. Join us in taking the next right step. Until we connect again, I wish each of you a healthy and prosperous New Year!
Getting more Connected in the New Year