mental illness

A whole health approach to wellness

Most of us have to work for wellness and there are practices that help. This is Part Three of my wellness plan/practice, which includes gratitude, massage, and medicine. Previously, I discussed connection, meditation/mindfulness, healthy eating, adequate sleep, movement/exercise, and time in nature as fundaments to my wellness. Gratitude Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky found that 50% of happiness is determined by your genes, 10% by the circumstances in which you live, and a full 40% of happiness is determined by your actions, your attitude or optimism, and the way you handle situations. I am happier and calmer when I intentionally practice gratitudeRead More

Practical Steps to Wellness

Life is not merely being alive, but being well. – Marcus Aurelius Studies show that sleep and exercise are the two most important factors contributing to wellness and happiness. My Wellness Plan – Part Two focuses on sleep and movement/exercise, as well as the importance of spending time in nature. Adequate Sleep A few nights without sleep can gravely impair mood, judgement, and concentration. Unfortunately, a great number of us are chronically sleep deprived. Stressful schedules, lack of genuine connection, too much screen time, and too little exercise are some common reasons for sleeplessness. Anxiety caused me to have insomnia,Read More

Getting more Connected in the New Year

Getting more Connected in the New Year

Welcome to 2019! The New Year is a time most of us set intentions. We put closure on the past and look forward to the future with a renewed hope and anticipation. Right? Maybe that’s my own idealistic view. For many, optimism for the coming year doesn’t look any brighter than what’s come and gone. Mental Health and its effects can weigh us down, forging ahead in what feels like concrete boots. But it doesn’t have too… Those challenges can be compounded by those resolutions we set and don’t keep. You know the ones…to lose weight, to exercise more, or to makeRead More

Scholarship to Connect the Dots Between Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

My name is Morgan Miller and I am a proud recipient of a 2018 NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas Counties Seeds of Hope Scholarship. Receiving a scholarship from NAMI ADCO helps support my goal of becoming a special education teacher. In my studies and work, I have observed an often overlooked correlation between learning disabilities and mental health. My passion for this work has been a dream since childhood. I believe as a future educator, I can help highlight the need for educators to know about mental illnesses and their prevalence in those with learning disabilities. In recent years, I have worked with individuals who haveRead More