Shared Gratitude at NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas Counties

This time of year often inspires reflection about the successes gained, opportunities missed and the hope of another chance to begin anew in the New Year.  Slowing down in the midst of our normal busyness allows us to remember the reasons we do many of the things we do.  In doing so, I personally, am usually led back to gratitude.  Each month, the NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas Counties Board of Directors meets and we begin our meeting with attention on the mission statement,

“The mission of NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas Counties is to build a community of recovery and hope by educating, supporting and advocating for individuals and their families affected by mental illness.”

as well as answering one simple question related to “why are we here?”  For our November “why are we here” question, I asked the board to focus on gratitude and share one thing that their involvement in NAMI has given them personally to be grateful for.  Their answers were too good not to pass on and I am delighted to share them with you.    

Some things Your NAMI ADCO Board is grateful for…

  • An oasis in the storm during an introduction to mental illness


  • Meeting people with passion and an opportunity to help others


  • To meet and work with others. Gained insight, perspective and learning experiences


  • Fun to work together while helping others


  • Appreciation for each person and patience from other board members


  • Learning experiences and education from others, helpful tools to use

in my own life


  • Connection with others who understand


  • Patience, continued commitment and connection

-Mary Kay

  • Connection among like minded people, opportunities for growth and

to give back to the community


The common themes that resonated among us was connection, learning and understanding.  There certainly is no shortage of gratitude on our board and their on-going passion only furthers our goals toward education, support and outreach.   Personally, after listening to everyone share I had overwhelming gratitude for the team we have leading our NAMI affiliate.  Each board member brings their own lived experiences that helps to guide us forward in a more enriched way.

I sincerely hope each of you takes some time to focus on the good things that exist, no matter how big or small.  Most importantly, know that we value each of YOU.  Thank you for entrusting each of us to serve…We are grateful for that opportunity.

Be Well,


Shared Gratitude at NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas Counties