The Courage to Face Addiction

Addiction is a struggle that many face. To do so, takes an immense amount of sacrifice, and willingness to beat. A task that is not easily done.

The first step requires one to acknowledge their addiction. This can be the hardest step, as it has become part of the addict’s life, habits, and takes priority over most things in life.

The mindset of an addict is counter-intuitive to a non-addict. The struggle of someone who wants to fix their problem but is not able to because of their internal conflict can be a relentless back and forth cycle of attempts to shut down their harmful behavior. It is frustrating for loved ones to watch and probably even more so for the person struggling.

It’s even tougher for those who want to change but are unable to confront their addiction for various reasons. Whether it be doubt, being unable to stop, or are in a harmful environment, it can be incredibly difficult to face it. Especially since an addiction not only affects the individual, but their loved ones.

The road to recovery is complex and requires the utmost of care.

Like any situation having/being in a supportive environment goes a long way in providing help for an addict. However, not everyone has that and most have to rely on inner strength and willingness, which isn’t always easy to do. Each situation is unique, considering that everyone is their own individual with different mindsets.

Finding hope is often derived from looking forward and onwards.

Future thoughts can provide inspiration and insight on what life can be without the burden of addiction. It is something to focus on, beyond the effects an active addiction. This hope can be helpful for an addict’s steps to wellness. Perhaps this is the case, as the insight is an objective, and goal to reach for. Hope is essential to achieve a more prosperous life than one that is already known. It can serve as a foundation to build recovery- the stepping stone for creating freedom from addiction.

Beginning anything is always the hardest part of the journey.

 Some next steps to consider might be:

  • Be willing to admit you need help

  • Find a support network

  • Set realistic goals and commit to them

  • Create healthier sustainable habits

  • Stay hopeful for the future

Addiction is a struggle that no one should have to go through alone. It is possible and can be done. For those who don’t feel that way, find the courage to take the first step. It may not be easy, but keeping a focus, finding inspiration, and staying hopeful helps.

Contributed by NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas Counties 2019 Seeds of Hope scholarship winner, Henry Campos

The Courage to Face Addiction
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