Practicing Self-Care After a Traumatic Injury

Recently, I was walking my daughter’s adorable dog Raleigh when I saw two other cute dogs with their owner approaching on the path. All three dogs barked excitedly and jumped joyfully. Raleigh accidentally bumped my legs and I fell down hard on the pavement. Instantly, I knew I was seriously injured. The man with the two dogs quickly called 911, paramedics came, and later that night I had surgery to repair my crushed right femur. After a couple days in the hospital, I went to a rehab/nursing center for three weeks until I could safely handle myself at home. Self-careRead More

Practical Steps to Wellness

Life is not merely being alive, but being well. – Marcus Aurelius Studies show that sleep and exercise are the two most important factors contributing to wellness and happiness. My Wellness Plan – Part Two focuses on sleep and movement/exercise, as well as the importance of spending time in nature. Adequate Sleep A few nights without sleep can gravely impair mood, judgement, and concentration. Unfortunately, a great number of us are chronically sleep deprived. Stressful schedules, lack of genuine connection, too much screen time, and too little exercise are some common reasons for sleeplessness. Anxiety caused me to have insomnia,Read More