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We offer support groups for people with mental illness and for family members.


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Finding the right treatment provider can be a challenge. Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network is the largest provider of mental health services in our two counties, serving over 10,000 clients every year and offering a comprehensive range of services. Private treatment providers and community clinics offering mental health services can be found at Metro Crisis Services.

Please contact the NAMI Colorado law line at 303-321-3104. You can receive a consultation, at no cost, with a licensed criminal defense attorney who can advise you on advocating for your loved one who is in the criminal justice system.

Please go to the resources page at and refer to our hospital guide book, “What Family Members Need to Know About Mental Health Treatment.”

A great deal of information about specific mental illnesses can be found at and .


Visit The National Center for PTSD to learn more about PTSD, to take assessments and to see general recommendations on who to contact for more information. This organization takes the lead on research for PTSD and supporting veterans. provides articles on veterans rights related to mental illness as additional resources too.
provides insightful information on how marijuana affects those with mental illness. Overall, the consensus by mental health professionals is that it can worsen anxiety and depression and decrease the likelihood of finishing treatments. has provided the 2013 State Legislation report with updates of how states are allocating budgets to support mental illness. In 2014, many provisions changes are occurring with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) as outlined in the report. For information on federal legislation and policy, visit There is opportunity for you to Take Action too!